2nd Kearny Highlanders





The Second have a history and reputation every bit as storied as their sister regiment. Raised in 2363,the Second served on both Lopez and Berenson against House Marik and took part in the occupation of Demeter in 2761, but were quickly withdrawn to deal with an insurrection on Hsien in 2762. In an act that demonstrated Highlander tenacity, the Second spent the next forty years tracking down and destroying the mercenary unit Gladston’e Gladiators after they broke contract with House Liao. Since that time, the Second have shown a particular antipathy for other mercenary units; in the defense of Lincoln against Kurita mercenaries in 2802, the Second refused to give quarter to Daemian’s Destroyers, despite repeated pleas on the part of the Kurita defenders to be allowed to surrender. The Highlanders current involvement with the Dragoon’sAllied Mercenary Command is particularly galling to the Second—they’ve refused to be involved after Cochrane’s vehement arguments did not dissuade the final Northwind commitment.Unfortunately, one of their most famous battles ended in defeat: the Great Lee Turkey Shoot. In 2953, Chancellor Ingrid Liao ordered the invasion of the Davion world of Lee. She believed she had found the Achilles heel of the other Great Houses—their heavy reliance on ground forces, especially ’Mech units. She assumed the light Sparrowhawks of the defending Fifth Davion Heavy Guards were no match for the heavy Eagles and Thunderbirds of the Second Kearny Highlanders. The sheer perseverance and daring of the defending units, however, blunted the easy victory for which Chancellor Liao had hoped. After a running battle of several days, the Davion fighters pushed the invaders from the sky.With air superiority belonging to the defenders, the Highlander ground troops had no choice but to withdraw.

The Second Kearny Highlanders display the Stuart tartan: a red background overlaid primarily with green, secondarily with blue



Parent Organization: Northwind Highlanders

Unit Commander: Colonel Darrel MacHenry

Unit Composition: Three battalions

1st Battalion: Major Andrea Stirling

2nd Battalion: Major Martell Longheart

3rd Battalion: Major James D. Cochraine

Primary BattleMechs: Commando, Vindicator

Unit Status: 1st Battalion: Veteran

2nd and 3rd Battalions: Regular

Unit Insignia: A stylized bagpipe thrust through with two katana blades

History: Mirroring the actions of its senior counterparts, the 2nd Kearny Highlanders were formed from the mining colonies on Kearny in 2363, and served as one of several Capellan regiments on Lopez and Berenson against House Marik between 2366 and 2368. They took part in the occupation of Demeter in 2761, but were quickly withdrawn to deal with an insurrection on Hsien in 2762. After breaking with the Capellan government in 2761 over a contract dispute, the mercenaries of Gladstone’s Gladiators threatened to destroy the Hsien munitions dump and water purification plants if their demands were not met. A midnight raid by volunteers of the Kearnys’ 1st Battalion retook the munitions depot, and the Gladiators abandoned the planet. The 2nd Kearnys spent the years 2762 to 2802 tracking down and destroying the Gladiators as a demonstration of the Confederation’s resolve. In September 2802, the Kearnys learned from the Maskirovka of the impending arrival of the Gladiators on the Marik world of Zion. Borrowing transport and equipment from the Maskirovka Special Operations Branch, the 2nd secretly arrived on Zion ahead of the Gladiators. The Kearnys waited until the rebels completed offloading before they attacked. AeroSpace suppressing fire kept the mercenaries’ DropShips on the ground, and the surprised Gladiators, unable to withdraw, were destroyed to the last man. The 2nd salvaged ten Ostrocs and three Assassins before Marik reserves forced their withdrawal.Since that time, the 2nd Kearnys have had a particular antipathy for mercenaries of any kind, both their own or those of other Successor States. In the defense of Lincoln against Kurita mercenaries in 2802, the 2nd refused to give quarter to Daemian’s Destroyers, despite repeated pleas on the part of the Kurita defenders to be allowed to surrender.The 2nd Kearny’s most notable defeat came when the regiment’s air lances were destroyed in the Turkey Shoot over Lee in 2953. Unable to replenish their losses completely, the 2nd could not ward off a Davion attack by Ceti Hussars against Holt. Several ‘Mechs were lost. Since the rise of Maximilian Liao, the 2nd Kearny has been deployed along the St. Ives frontier to guard against further Davion attacks.

2nd Kearny Highlanders Jonathan Veteran & Regular

(3 Battalions)

2nd Kearny Highlanders 3059

Reinforced Regiment/Elite/Reliable

CO: Colonel James D. Cochrane

Abercrombie: Major Elia Smith

Cameronian: Major Connie Evans

100th: Major Peter Green

The second company of the One Hundredth Battalion is fully composed of vehicles; the rest of the regiment is ninety percent upgraded, with the few Clan ’Mech at their disposal found in Abercrombie Battalion.

Regimental Command Company


XO: Lt. Colonel Jeremiah Johnson

As though to set themselves apart from the First,not a single Clan ’Mech is found in the regimental command company, though they are all Inner Sphere OmniMechs. The Second Air Wing, commanded by Captain Carmella Barbara, surprisingly contains all pre-3050 designs, as though to thumb their noses at the First. However, this inhibits them very little.

 Second Kearny Highlanders (A)

The impassioned Second is known for its burning desire to succeed. This imperative never to fail gives all Second warriors a +1 modifier added to the dice roll when making Consciousness Rolls. Additionally, when deploying a force of more than four units, the controlling player of the Second must designate a commander. The Second gains a +1 Initiative bonus every turn the commander’s unit is not destroyed. If at any time the commander’s unit is destroyed, for the subsequent three turns the Second receives a -2 Initiative penalty, but gains a –1 to-hit modifier to all weapon attacks. However, no Highlander unit may retreat from the playing area for five turns following the destruction of its commander’s unit; after that time, the units may retreat normally.

Dragoons Rating: A


Colonel James D. Cochrane fought to rise to his position. Many members of the First Battalion preferred then-Major Andrea Stirling, whom the previous commander had been grooming. However, Stirling graciously turned down command, throwing her support to Cochrane. Though he has the total loyalty of the Second, at times Cochrane does not see it, and he carries a slight inferiority complex that was deepened when the Second was not included in either Operation Bulldog or the operation against the Smoke Jaguars on Wayside. The rest of the regimental commanders turn a blind eye to this situation, but the Clan Elders do not, and they are   beginning to agitate for his removal. 


The Second is devoted to its officer corps, particularly its commander, James Cochrane. As such, even when a commander has fallen, they will not leave him behind on the field of battle.



At the time of the Word of Blake Jihad, the Highlanders fielded five full regiments. Only three partial regiments survived that crucible, and when swords turned to plowshares during the demilitarization and formation of the Republic, all but the First Kearny were decommissioned.



The Northwind Fusiliers are a relatively new unit. The entire officers’ corps is taken from the First Kearny, but most of its members are descended from the decommissioned Second Kearny and Northwind Hussars regiments as well. As a result, though the men and women of the Fusiliers have not actively engaged in combat or formal training before the blackout, most of them had kept up the military traditions of their forefathers as weekend warriors.

The honor of the 2nd Kearny lives on in these descendants.



Table of Organization 3027 - 3028

2nd Kearny Highlanders

2nd Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

·         Major Martell Longheart:             Elite Atlas

·         Brian Stewart:                            Veteran Vindicator

·         Jean McPherson:                        Veteran Phoenix Hawk

·         Morton Johnston:                        Veteran Commando

Kernighan’s Company

1st Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Robert Kernighan:           Elite Stalker

·         Charles Douglas:                         Elite Vindicator

·         Ian Telford:                                 Elite Vindicator

·         Pamela Kernighan:                       Veteran Commando

Fire Lance

·         Lieutenant Stuart McDonald:          Veteran Archer

·         McCauley Peterson:                      Regular Shadow Hawk

·         Quentin McFarland:                      Regular Vindicator

·         Charles Gunn:                              Green Commando

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Angus MacLeod:           Veteran Warhammer

·         Morton Kernighan:                        Regular Commando

·         Ruben Skeat:                                Regular Stinger

·         Patrick Mifune:                              Green Locust

Braxton’s Company

2nd Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Fergus Braxton:                Elite Crusader

·         Ian Fraser:                                   Veteran Rifleman

·         Charles MacKinnon:                      Regular Vindicator

·         Everard McKenzie:                       Regular Spider

Fire Lance

·         Lieutenant Ramsay Stuart:            Veteran Rifleman

·         Gregory Kirk:                              Regular Vindicator

·         Angus Braxton”                           Regular Phoenix Hawk

·         Marcus Ullman:                           Green Locust

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Gordon McNair:         Veteran Shadow Hawk

·         Douglas MacLeod:                      Green Spider

·         Erland Talcott:                           Green Wasp

·         Kathleen McNair:                       Green Locust

Minoku’s Company

3rd Company

Assault Lance

·         Captain Ohiro Minoku:                 Veteran Charger

·         Kathleen Stewart:                        Veteran Marauder

·         Dennis MacGregor:                      Veteran Warhammer

·         Gregory Freeman:                        Regular Vindicator

Attack Lance

·         Lieutenant Marcia Horowitz:          Veteran Archer

·         Jahled Hammadi:                         Regular Shadow Hawk

·         Douglas McClintock:                     Regular Phoenix Hawk

·         Andrew O’Hara:                           Regular Commando

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Toshiro Redfield:          Veteran Phoenix Hawk

·         Siegfried Kirchner:                         Green Spider

·         David Ross:                                   Green Wasp

·         Stewart MacCleod:                         Green Locust


2nd Kearny Highlanders

3rd Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

·         Major James D. Cochraine:               Elite Stalker

·         Angus McDonnell:                            Veteran Warhammer

·         Jeremy Nourse:                               Veteran Wolverine

·         Gordon Cochraine:                          Veteran Commando

McFarlane’s Company

1st Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Stewart McFarlane:               Elite Grasshopper

·         Heinrich Nicholson:                           Elite Hatchetman

·         Ramsay MacLeod:                             Elite Blackjack

·         Manuel Gonzalez:                             Veteran Ostscout

Fire Lance

·         Lieutenant Robert MacDougall:           Veteran Shadow Hawk

·         Megan McFarlane:                             Regular Vindicator

·         Adam Gomez                                   Regular Phoenix Hawk

·         N’Gama M’botu:                                Green Cicada

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Kathleen McDonnell:           Veteran Phoenix Hawk

·         Arthur Kent:                                      Regular Spider

·         Kirk MacNab:                                    Regular Commando

·         Francois DuPlessis:                             Green Wasp


MacDougall’s Company

2nd Company

Assault Lance

·         Captain Angus MacDougall:                 Elite Marauder

·         Niki Carter                                         Veteran Archer

·         Marshall Corrigan:                               Regular Rifleman

·         Ramsay James:                                   Regular Shadow Hawk

 Medium Lance

·         Lieutenant James Corrigan:                  Veteran Crusader

·         Ian MacDougall:                                  Regular Shadow Hawk

·         Pamela Edwards:                                Regular Vindicator

·         Giles Howard:                                     Green Spider

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Morgan Li:                          Veteran Shadow Hawk

·         Michael Gunn:                                     Green Spider

·         Kathleen MacDougall:                           Green Wasp

·         Douglas Cromartie:                              Green Locust


Prata’s Company

3rd Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Richard Prata:                          Veteran Thunderbolt

·         David Kingsley:                                     Regular Catapult

·         Cameron MacCorrie:                              Regular Rifleman

·         Ivan Torchev:                                        Regular Shadow Hawk

Fire Lance

·         Lieutenant Cecil Wyndham:                     Regular Ostroc

·         Yashar Eisenstein:                                  Green Vindicator

·         James MacRae:                                      Green Vindicator

·         Kathleen Fraser:                                    Green Commando

Recon Lance

·         Lieutenant Sharon Gray:                         Veteran Phoenix Hawk

·         Tristan McFarland:                                 Green Spider

·         Charles McDonald:                                 Green Stinger

·         Stewart Kirk:                                          Green Locust


2nd Kearny Highlanders

Provisional 4th Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

·         Major Ian Fraser:                                    Regular Vindicator

·         Jock Armstrong:                                       Regular Wasp

·         Jessica Blake:                                          Regular Wasp

·         Archibald MacDougall:                             Regular Stinger

Campbell’s Company

1st Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Colin Campbell:                            Regular Phoenix Hawk

·         Pamela Kernighan:                                    Regular Commando

·         Andrew O’Hara:                                        Regular Commando

·         Nicholas Black:                                         Regular Commando

Fire Lance A

·         Captain William Dunbar:                            Regular Blackjack

·         James Murray:                                          Regular Commando

·         Robert MacCrimmon:                                 Regular Commando

·         Willis Fletcher:                                           Regular Stinger

Fire Lance B

·         Lieutenant David Crane:                             Regular Blackjack

·         Lee Marshal:                                             Regular Commando

·         Thomas Kirk:                                            Regular Commando

·         Donald Lovat:                                            Regular Commando


Sinclair Company

2nd Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Cassandra Sinclair:                        Regular Javelin

·         Wu Fong:                                                  Regular Wasp

·         Jason Montgomery:                                   Regular Wasp

·         Lisa Caswell:                                             Regular Stinger

Recon Lance A

·         Lieutenant Hsien Lee:                                Regular Ostscout

·         Jennifer Rand:                                           Regular Wasp

·         John Hamilton:                                          Regular Wasp

·         Nathan Turner:                                        Regular Stinger

Recon Lance B

·         Lieutenant Martin O’Leary:                         Regular Javelin

·         Richard Talbott:                                        Regular Wasp

·         Lutz Richter:                                             Regular Wasp

·         Maureen Callahan:                                    Regular Stinger


Voelker Company

3rd Company

Command Lance

·         Captain Fritz Voelker:                                Regular Jenner

·         Mustapha Kemal:                                      Regular Panther

·         Ellen Running Deer:                                   Regular Panther

·         Mark Willis:                                               Regular Vindicator

Fire Lance A

·         Lieutenant Edward Fitzgerald:                    Regular Javelin

·         Marion Hay:                                             Regular Panther

·         Dolph Keller:                                            Regular Panther

·         Alexandre Deladier:                                  Regular Vindicator

Fire Lance B

·         Lieutenant Roberta Hernandez:                  Regular Javelin

·         Chou Ling:                                                Regular Panther

·         Nikolai Kuragin:                                        Regular Vindicator

·         Horst von Seisser:                                     Regular Vindicator