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History of the Northwind Highlanders

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Northwind Highlanders Timeline


• 2086 Formation of the Terran Alliance, Black Watch, Seaforth, Gordon and Cameron Highlanders still active as parade units only.

• 2150’s Clan Stuart make the decision to build a new life away from the Terran Alliance and its decaying regime. Accompanying Clan Stuart are the last remaining vestiges of Scottish regiments.

• 2150 – 2160 Planet Northwind is colonized by Clan Stuart.

• 2316 Northwind Accords signed granting Northwind membership in the McKenna Hegemony and the right to raise a standing military force.

• 2361 Federated Suns under the leadership of President Reynard Davion threatens to conquer the so-called Capellan states. Franco Liao contacts the Council of Elders on Northwind about providing “armed assistance” to his growing Duchy. Recognizing the need to limit Davion gains Director-General Michael Cameron of the Terran Hegemony signs off with the condition that a third of this new force remain on Northwind at all times for defensive proposes. And so the Northwind Highlanders were born.

• 2362 1st Kearny Highlanders formed.

• 2363 2nd Kearny Highlanders formed.

• 2364 3rd Kearny Highlanders formed.

• 2365 Northwind Military Academy is established providing Liao with vital ground troops to fend off Davion aggression.

• 2366 Capellan Confederation founded, Franco Liao named first Chancellor.

• 2366 1st and 2nd Kearny Highlanders face the Second Oriente Hussars on the world of Lopez.

• 2369 Marion’s Highlanders founded from St. Ives militia and reserve volunteers.

• 2370 McCormack’s Fusiliers founded.

• 2371 Marion’s Highlanders are defeated on Berenson.

• 2372 The Fusiliers are first bloodied against Kurita reserve units along the northern Tikonov border. On Rio, they acquit themselves well, being the only regiment ever to capture a ranking Kurita field officer.

• 2373 Marion’s Highlanders are defeated on Lopez. They are withdrawn to Sian for refitting and retraining.

• 2380 Stuart Highlanders founded.

• 2380 The Highlanders transition from Chancellor Liao’s “exclusive control” to the Capellan Confederation under contract declaring the Highlanders a line unit of the assembling CCAF granting them the benefits of House Regulars and blurring their exact status.

• 2398 Age of War begins, First Andurien War begins, War on Free Worlds League declared.

• 2425 An officer from Marion’s Highlanders assassinates Chancellor Arden Baxter. This action forces the entire unit to the Periphery – Davion border for three centuries. Stephen Liao named Chancellor.

• 2465 Terran authorities give several BattleMechs to the Highlanders on Northwind. This blatant attempt to curry favor sours relations between the Hegemony and the Confederation who continued to compete for the Highlanders services. The Highlanders become the first mercenary unit to use the BattleMech.

• 2477 McCormack’s Fusiliers raid the Marik world of Wisconsin.

• 2515 McCormack’s Fusiliers defeat a raid by an Asuncion reserve regiment on Ingersoll.

• 2592 Massed AeroSpace fighters of the Fusiliers and 1st Kearny win a resounding victory against Marik Seydlitz fighters over Calloway VI.

• 2616 the Fusiliers win their most famous battle honor by defeating a Marik mercenary battalion, Ajax’s Avengers, on the southern continent of Bellatrix.

• 2715 Corsara Weaponries is founded on Northwind by a group of Terran investors including native Northwinders hoping to bring the Highlanders home.

• 2719 Production of the Crab BattleMech begins.

• 2742 Production of the King Crab begins.

• 2759 Colonel Fiona Marion promoted to Colonel of the “Bad Boys of Northwind”

• 2761 1st Kearny, 2nd Kearny, 3rd Kearny, McCormack’s Fusiliers and Marion’s Highlanders take part in the successful occupation of the Davion planet of Demeter, only to be badly handled by elements of the Avalon Hussars the following year. Heavy losses in this action force the Fusiliers’ return to St. Ives. Marion’s Highlanders restore their prestige by capturing and entire militia company.

• 2762 2nd Kearny highlanders recalled from Demeter to put down an insurrection on Hsien lead by elements of Gladstone’s Gladiators. This begins a 40 year vendetta by the 2nd Kearny to hunt down and destroy every member of the Gladiators.

• 2766 Stuart Highlanders participate in the battle for Procyon. Colonel Robert Stuart killed. Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Hubbard takes over command.

• 2778 Colonel Andrew Fergusson promoted to lead the 2nd Kearny Highlanders.

• 2789 Mercenary Review Board formed.

• 2790 The Northwind Highlanders are the first mercenary unit approached by the Regulators about the formation of the Guild. The 2nd Kearny Highlanders, who were one of the most passionate supporters of the Guild, quickly recruit others to the cause. Their efforts manage to convince the Bannockburners before their own brethren agreed to support the Guild Charter. These units together with the Illician Lancers become the strong foundation of this dynamic new organization.

• 2802 1st Kearny Highlanders aid in the defense of Lincoln against House Kurita’s Dierion Regulars. 2nd Kearny Highlanders land on Zion ahead of Gladstone’s Gladiators and destroy them to the last man. The 2nd Kearny salvages ten Ostrocs and three Assassins. Moving to the defense of Lincoln, the 2nd Kearny refuse to give quarter to Daemian’s Destroyers despite repeated pleas for surrender.

• 2834 McCormack’s Fusiliers and Marion’s Highlanders aid in the defense of Tikonov and Almach. Fire lances and jump troops of the Fusiliers clash repeatedly with the Davion mercenary unit Kergawa’s Blood Lances. The massed fire of the regiment’s Hunchbacks and Orions virtually destroy the mercs in three days’ combat. Several lances of Marion Highlanders die in place rather than yield to the Deneb Light Cavalry.

• 2841 House Davion sends an invasion force that overwhelms the defending Stuarts Highlanders and Third Kearny Highlanders. The Highlander regiments fight to the last, but it is not enough. Northwind is conquered.

• 2860, The Fusiliers stop a large-scale raid on Tsamma by the Marik mercenary unit Lander’s Lancers. Over a third of the regiments’ heavy ‘Mechs, including all its Orions, are lost to the skillful handling of the Lancers’ Griffins.

• 2865 1st Kearny Highlanders defend Northwind against a raid by combined Marik regulars and mercenaries driving off the attackers, inflicting heavy damage to Jarl’s Jaegers, but only at the cost of over half their men and equipment. Convinced of the need for heavier equipment in the face of increasingly powerful opponents,

• 2865 The Fusiliers return to the Marik border, gaining minor victories against various House units.

• 2866 1st Kearny restricts its operations to raids against Marik strongholds, in which they gradually captured and salvaged enough medium ‘Mechs to completely re-equip and reorganize themselves.

• 2872 Marion’s Highlanders raid a Davion AeroSpace repair facility on Brighton.

• 2892 Marion’s Highlanders are defeated by Cochraine’s Greencoats on Lee. The mauling of their Locusts by the enemy Marauders caused them to stop incorporating light Mechs in their units.

• 2899 Marion’s Highlanders refuse to board their ships for a raid on Oriente. This action earns the unit a temporary disband order, which remains in effect until 2902.

• 2920 the Fusiliers gain revenge against their old nemesis, Lander’s Lancers, in a surprise raid on Lopez. Marion’s Highlanders fight three separate engagements with Vintain’s Vigilantes over possession of two DropShips on Buenos Aires. In recognition of their opponents’ skill and bravery, the Highlanders offer terms of enlistment to the Vigilante survivors. When the commander declines, they are destroyed to the last man.

• 2943 1st Kearny junior officer commanding the 2nd Company of the 2nd Battalion, Captain Erika Laurel, uses her newly acquired Catapults to good effect, backing up local militia forces on Hsien against a Marik Militia regiment until reinforcements of the Ijori Warrior House Regiment arrived and turn the tide.

• 2950 Marion’s Highlanders deploy to the Capellan March and Northern Tikonov borders to keep watch on Davion activities and raid Davion strongholds behind the lines.

• 2953 the 2nd Kearny’s air lances are destroyed in what is called the Great Lee Turkey Shoot over the planet Lee. Unable to replenish their losses completely, the 2nd could not ward off a Davion attack by Ceti Hussars against Holt.

• 2967 with no AeroSpace fighters, the 2nd Kearny is unable to ward off Marik raiders on the planet Holt. The 2nd Kearny is forced to withdraw in order to preserve their forces.

• 3027 July 5 – 6 Battle for Kilgour on Corella. The 2nd Kearny Highlanders battle the Scotian Highlanders.

• 3028 April, Provisional 4th Battalion of the 2nd Kearny Highlanders raids the planet Mira only to be defeated by the occupying Davion forces, the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Crucis Lancer Regiments.

• 3028 May, Brevet-Major Ian Scott Fraser court-martialed for the failed action. He leaves for Chesterton afterwards.

• 3028 June, Captain Ian Scott Fraser publishes his autobiography titled, “To Obey: My life with the Northwind Highlanders.”

• 3028 December 4th, Planet Jonathan. Hanse Davion is negotiating with the Clan Elders to end the Highlander's service with the Capellan Confederation. The 5th and 6th Crucis Lancers are ordered to treat the 2nd Kearny Highlanders with kid gloves during the battle. The 2nd Kearny Highlanders wrongly assume that the Davion forces are holding their families hostage in Dust Hill.

• 3029 January 12th, Planet Northwind. Charlie Company, (The Dark Watch), 2nd Kearny Highlanders land to assist the remains of the 5th Deneb Light Calvary and Team Banzai in the defense of Northwind from the 5th Sword of Light. The Northwind Highlanders have come home at last.